Our Vision

Our vision of The Retreat is one of effortless relaxation and as such, we want to provide all of our residents with the ability to just pack a case, jump in the car and head straight to their Lodge whenever the mood takes them. With this in mind, we have developed a collection of optional additional packages to add to to the purchase of your Lodge.

Saving the time, hassle and effort associated with shopping around for, or transporting large appliances, kitchenware, bedding and bathroom linen, our additional Packages will fully equip your Lodge making it ‘relaxation-ready’ each time you arrive.

As well as our Packages to provide you with some of the essential items for your Lodge, we are also pleased to be able to offer you some special extras, to really make your Lodge a place to look forward to coming home to. Our Indulgence Options offer you the opportunity to really treat yourself…