Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions for The Retreat.

Q: Can I rent out my Lodge during the months that I won’t be using it?

A: No. You are not allowed to use your Lodge as a business and sub-letting your Lodge to people as a holiday home is not allowed. However, we understand that you may invite family and friends to stay with you or at your Lodge from time to time.

Q: Am I allowed to bring pets to my Lodge?

A: Yes

Q: How long is the lease?

A: The lease for your Lodge is 99 years.

Q: Do I need to pay Council Tax?

A: No. As your Lodge is classed as a holiday home, there is no need to pay Council Tax.

Q: How much is Ground Rent and what does it include?

A: Your Ground Rent includes your pitch fee, insurance, ground maintenance and external lighting costs. For an accurate quote, please discuss the cost of your Ground Rent with one of our sales team.

Q: Do I need a TV Licence?

A: No.

Q: Is there a restriction on how long we can stay in our Lodge?

A: Your stay with us is unrestricted, providing it is a second home.

Q: What insurance do I need?

A: Your Ground Rent will include your insurance, so although you do not require property insurance, contents insurance is your decision and your responsibility.

Q: Are the grounds around my Lodge maintained and will I need to pay extra to ensure that my area is looked after?

A: The grounds at The Retreat at Ashlea Pools are all maintained by the Ashlea Pools team. The cost of this is included in your Ground Rent, so there is no additional money to pay.

Q: Do you provide an interior cleaning service?

A: Yes. We find that many people like to have their Lodges cleaned from top to bottom, once they leave for home, so that when they return for their next visit, the Lodge is fresh, clean and welcoming once more. As such, we offer two cleaning options for you to choose from.

Option One:

The Complete Clean Including the washing of bedding and towels, changing bed linen ready for your next stay and a complete deep clean throughout the inside and outside of your Lodge, this service is priced at £100.

Option Two:

The Full Clean Cleaning throughout your Lodge, this service does not include the washing / changing of bed linen or bathroom towels. It also does not include cleaning of the decking area of your Lodge. This service is priced at £50.

Q: How long is The Retreat at Ashlea Pools open – when can I access my Lodge?

A: The Retreat at Ashlea Pools open all year round.